Breakfast & Lunch

Toasted Bagels €4.95
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese €5.95
BLT Bap €4.95
Homemade Fruit Scones €1.90
Tea €1.90
Freshly Brewed Coffee €1.90
Hot Chocolate €2.60
Herbal Tea €2.00
Basket of Toast / Brown Bread and Tea or Coffee €3.80
Regular Breakfast €6.95
Full Breakfast €7.95
Golden Pancakes €7.95
Steak Breakfast €10.95
Smoked Bacon Omelette €7.95
Poached Eggs €7.95
Scrambled Eggs €7.95

Complimentary Tea/Coffee and Toast/Brown bread with breakfast

Tasty Bites
All served with homemade brown bread
Soup of the Day €3.95
Seafood Chowder [V] regular €4.95 / large €6.95
Deep Fried Brie [V] €7.95
Caesar Style Salad €7.95
Warm Goat’s Cheese Salad [V] [C] €7.95
Atlantic Smoked Salmon [V] [C] €9.95


Main Courses
Italian Style Beef Lasagne €9.95
Grilled Cheese Burger €9.95
Traditional Irish Stew €11.95
Breathnach’s Breakfast €8.95
Irish Chicken Fillet [C] €11.95
Grilled Atlantic Salmon [V] [C] €12.95


Hot Sandwiches
Tuna Melt [V] €7.95
Cajun Chicken €7.95
Steak Sandwich €8.95
BLT €7.95

Toasted Panini or Hot Wrap Specials
Veggie Melt €7.95
Hawaiian Special €7.95
House Special €7.95

Fresh Sandwiches @ €3.95
Chicken and Stuffing with Mayonnaise
Chicken, Coleslaw and Lettuce
Tuna, Red Onion and Mayonnaise with Lettuce
Wafer Sliced Ham and Red Luttuce

Gluten Free Bread Available


Little Extras
Chips [V] [C] €2.50
Seasonal Vegetables [V] [C] €2.50
Side Salad [V] [C] €2.50
Creamed Potatoes [V] [C] €2.50

Desserts @€4.95
Banoffee Pie
Warm Apple Pie
Chocolate Brownie
Vanilla Ice Cream
Dessert of the Day

Liquer Coffees and Beverages
Irish Coffee €6.50
Baileys Coffee €6.50
French Coffee €6.50
Hot Chocolate €2.60
Tea €1.90
Herbal Tea €2.00
Freshly Brewed Coffee €1.90
Large Bottled Water €3.50

[V] Suitable dish for Vegetarians [C] Suitable dish for Coeliac
all our beef is sourced from local butchers and guaranteed 100% Irish

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